Bad Breath, HalitosisThere may be other reasons for bad breath so it is difficult to claim "cure bad breath" but for most people (more than 85% of those whose who have bad breath), the single most frequent cause of bad breath is bacteria that live in their mouth.There are products in the market tongue cleaners and mouthwash. These are a temporary fix to your problem. Did you know that when you use mouthwash to prevent bad breath, you kill ALL bacteria? Did you know that your body has more good bacteria than bad bacteria? 

All good high strength anti-bacterial mouthwash kills most bacteria. You may think this is good news for your bad breath. However, the problem is that it also kills good or beneficial bacteria. Mouthwash does not distinguish between bad or beneficial bacteria.
Important Notice:

BLIS K12 ™ Fresh Breath Kit also contains a high strength anti-bacterial mouthwash which is designed to kill the odour causing bacteria. Like any other high strength anti-bacterial mouthwash, it also does not distinguish between good or bad bacteria.

After using a traditional mouthwash, both beneficial and "bad" bacteria will re-populate or grow again in the mouth to pre - mouthwash levels.

Why BLIS K12™? What is the point of difference?

BLIS K12™ Fresh Breath Kit also contains BLIS K12™ lozenges full of good bacteria that will help repopulate your mouth and throat with high numbers of beneficial BLIS K12™ Streptococcus salivarius, a bacteria demonstrated to reduce bad breath.
Unlike a traditional mouthwash, BLIS K12™ Fresh Breath Kit provides a long term effective control of bad breath (halitosis). 

To maintain good oral hygiene, the BLIS K12™ Fresh Breath Kit also contains a tongue cleaning tool.

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