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Customer Testimonials

Bad Breath and Sore Throat


"It is a fabulous product and the only thing that has made a difference to my son’s bad breath and constant sore throats. It is not only a product that works but tastes good too. Keep up the great work."




"I had been subject to travel colds while travelling especially after flights and since taking the Blis Travel Guard in September 2009 I have not had one sore throat, cold or flu. I recommend them as a great preventative and won't be without them now. I am a devotee of your product and have introduced many to it. My son in Melbourne is subject to travel colds and he got a pack when out here at Christmas but needs more as he is a frequent traveller,.."

Mary, New Zealand

Gum Health


“Just want to say that my regular use of your products has helped keep my gum disease under control. I am from the US and I've been importing them since 2006. I am grateful to have discovered such a wonderful product. This and regular visits to my dentist have kept me bleeding free. I had root planning surgery prior to trying BLIS.”

James, United States

Strep Throat


“I have been giving K12 throat guard boost to our 8 year old daughter who has constant issues with strep throat. She takes it well, it comes with two flavours and has no unwanted side effects. We have now been using it for a few months and it has helped wonderfully. We live in Australia and they are able to ship the product to you. We strongly recommend the product.”

Gina, Australia

Immune, Ear, Bad Breath and Gum Health


“I have used Blis K12 product (sold in NZ under the Throat Guard brand) regularly for several years and it dealt effectively with my mouth odour problem. I take it daily before going to bed, making it a part of my routine of teeth cleaning, flossing and tongue scraping. My experience has been that I have far fewer nasal and ear complications that used to plague me following a bad head colds.
I was so impressed with the results from K12 that I now use the new M18 dental product which is not available in NZ yet, so I have to get it from the States at some cost I might add!
Well done BLIS folks for bringing these great products to the world!” 

Bruce, New Zealand

Bad Breath (Halitosis)


"I want to express my delight with your products. I have been using the fresh breath kit and throat guard since I saw the documentary on national television. I work in the service industry meeting hundreds of people every day. I suffered with bad breath for years eating mints and using mouthwash with little effect. It wasn't until I tried your products that that horrible taste disappeared. I actually felt confident talking close to people. You don't know how good that feels until you are affected. I notice if I stop taking it, the problem continues, so I am converted and take it daily. The website offers savings which I'm excited about. I choose to buy your products as daily maintenance. I look after my appearance, why not pay a dollar a day for oral hygeine, knowing I can rely on it 100%. It's worth it."

Sue, New Zealand

Immune and Throat Health


"Since I started taking this supplement daily, I have not gotten sick ever! I used to contract illnesses frequently, starting in the throat and progressing through the body, but this seems to be exactly what my body needs to strengthen its immune system. I am grateful and spreading the word!"

Laura, United States

Immune (Cold and Flu)


"All last week in Montreal, I could feel my system trying to fight off a cold. I quadrupled my normal daily dosage of BLIS, and it worked!!"

David, Canada

Bad Breath


"Been suffering from bb for last 30 years and recently tried the BLIS K12. First time l used it gave my mouth feeling fresh and clean. l have been taking antibiotics since l was young so maybe the good bacteria died and l need to populate my mouth ones again with this good bacteria. Thanks BLIS K12!"




I went to the dentist last week and it was the quickest and least painful dentistry appointment ever! The feedback was my teeth and gums are in excellent condition. This is very different to last year when I had lots of tartar, signs of gingivitis and was told to floss several times daily or I was going to be in big trouble within a few years. So what has changed? Not the flossing as I still only remember to do it once or twice a week. Not the brushing and I still do that twice a day. I'm putting it down to Blis M18 which I started taking 10 months ago. This stuff is amazing!! So easy to take a lozenge at bedtime and I would much rather spend the money on a lozenge than expensive dentistry! Plus I get to keep my teeth for longer as threats of gingivitis are no more! Thanks BLIS M18 :) I can't recommend you strongly enough!!(Posted on 7/12/12 on Product review of BLIS M18)

#1 Fan of Blis M18

Bad Breath


"Recently started taking your BLIS K12 probiotic made by NOW foods, and it has literally changed my life. I suffered from bad breath and tonsil stones for years and it was a MAJOR source of embarassment and insecurity. Since taking your product my bad breath has vanished. Now my only concern is that someday you will stop making this product. Please tell me that you don't have any plans to stop making this."

We also received a follow up email from Peter:

"You may absolutely put my testimony or any part of our correspondence on your website. It would be an honor.  Like I said, your product has changed my life. I try to give you guys props anywhere I can, Amazon, Yahoo. I even told my Dr. about it, and plan on telling my dentist on my next visit. I want people who are going through what I did to know that there is a solution. I usually don't get hyped up about products, but Blis K12 is not hype. It works, plain and simple.  Anything I can do to help you and spread the word, I will."

Peter Boyle

Oral Thrush


"I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer just over 3 years ago now. As a result, I received 2 months of daily radiotherapy treatment to my neck which had significant damaging effects on my throat and voice. I went through a period of many many months (Maybe about 9 months) of suffering from extensive continual oral thrush. I was given somewhere like 10-15 prescriptions from my GP and also ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Consultant, but it continued. It had a massive negative effect on my life, as I struggled to breath properly or talk without straining.

My ENT consultant suggested to me that he was unable to prescribe Blis Oral Probiotic through, but from what he believed that it would only benefit me and he suggested I get hold of them and start a course. I bought my first batch of lozenges, and since then having been taking a few each and every day.

Since then, thankfully I have never had another throat infection and my voice has almost returned to normal. This has dramatically improved my quality of life, and I am extremely thankful for that!"

J Walker, United Kingdom

Strep Throat


"I had Strep Throat three times in a row last year. Each time I used Penicillin and it disappeared, but would come back as soon as I stopped the antibiotics.  Once I started taking BLIS the strep throat disappeared and never came back.  I have been recommending it to many of my patients".  

Medical Doctor



It has been a great help for my daughter.  She had 4 episodes of tonsillitis last winter.  Once one of them even abscessed.  Then I read about your product.  We started with the Boost then I've kept her on the Daily.  She hasn't been sick since March.  So far so good.

Debra (USA, 6 July 2013)

Great Customer Service


Had reason to make contact with Blis this morning regarding an Order we had put through last week for K12 tablets. Call was answered by a staff member who took the details and  arranged to phone me back with an answer. This she did quite promptly. I have just tried to phone her to say that the order has since arrived but there is no one available at the time to take the call. Rather than leave a message and not having an email address for her decided to send it via you.

Could you please let her know and thank her for her assistance.

I was quite impressed with the way she took the call and handled it. Its nice to get a pleasant and informative person on the other end of the phone. Makes things so much easier.


Bad Breath

 Having purchased your product we have found it works incredibly well.


Bad Breath

Testimony from selling products containing BLIS probiotics

"This is THE BEST product I have ever purchased for my oral health. I suffered from tonsil stones and resulting bad breath for years. Since I started using this product(in conjunction with flossing and brushing of course), my tonsil stones and bad breath has vanished. This had been a MAJOR source of insecurity and embarrassment and I had tried all kinds of things. Everything just made it worse. This stuff WORKS. Try it, you wont be disappointed."

"1/11/14 Update. I was on here leaving feedback when I saw this review I posted last year. It's been about a year or so since I have started using this product and I have to say it still works. In fact my mouth and gums are healthier than ever(according to my dental hygienist), and my bad breath(very bad breath) is now totally normal! No more embarrassment being in a car with someone, I can be around other people with confidence. My fiancée doesn't turn the other way laying down in bed! I love this product and highly recommend it. I am not the type of person to use 'natural' products but after being so desperate for a solution to my bad breath and tonsil stones, I tried this and it actually worked! I have to add though that I also continue take care of my teeth and gums(brush and floss). However, I used to brush my teeth 3-7 times a day AND I flossed and I still had horrible breath 15 minutes later and still got tonsil stones. This product taken once in the am and once in the pm with brushing and flossing has been the cure I was looking for for years!"



Travel, Cold and Flu

I cannot recommend your product enough.  I have just returned from over 3 weeks away in India with a group.  I took your Travel Guard for the flights, and when one member of our party developed a cold which spread through the group and turned into a nasty fluey bug for some,the high need dose (4 tablets per day) of the throat guard.  We were travelling in a mini bus and I was also sharing a room with someone who went down with the cold.  I am pleased to say, that although I have always caught a cold when travelling before, this time I have avoided it.  So thank you!!

E Chapman

Bad Breath and Speed of our service

I am so happy that I got my order this fast. And I am so amazed with the result. I will surely recommend your product. God bless! It's just that every two hours after I brush my teeth, it starts smelling awful again. But when I tried your product(lozenges), there was a big difference. And yes, my prayers were answered. I will surely order again.

Paul (Singapore)

Our service

Thank you very much.   Best customer service I have received in years.   I hope to be in New Zealand next year so will try and order for delivery while I am there.

Jackie (U.K)

Our service

"This is indeed superior customer service! Thank you very much." 

"I am very appreciative of your assistance and prompt response to this matter."

Marvin (France)


Bad Breath

I have been using the fresh breath kits for a year now with brilliant results – I no longer have a foul taste in my mouth, and people have stopped rearing back when I speak to them! (I’ve inherited the problem from my father so I know just how unpleasant it is for others.)

Retired Pharmacist

Bad Breath

I bought these product for my younger brother. Even though he has very beautiful perfect white teeth, his breath so stinky..very bad.. Using BLIS product for one week , his breath become more neutral.. the stinky smell only can be smelt when I am too close to him, compared to last time his smell can be smelt by 3 to 4m distance...


Neena (Malaysia)

Facebook entry

Ok I know all my friends and family think im slightly OTT about my passionate belief that Blis actually works..(it just does!) but I am even more excited now there is a product for the littlelies...yay no more dreadful colds and flus and ear infections.


Bad Breath

I use to have terrible problems with halitosis. It is 100% under control now I use the Fresh Breath Kit when needed (3 to 4 times per year)


T Smith (BLIS Facebook)

I absolutely swear by this product. works and I just wish the whole world would "get it" cos then people wouldn't have to suffer the misery of getting sick with colds and flu why wouldn't you take it!


Bad Breath

I have received the Fresh Breath Kit and started using it today. I can already feel my mouth fresher through out the day. 

Nadia (Australia)

Bad Breath

I recently started using blis to combat my bad breath. Your product worked fantastically well. The only reason I knew I had bad breath was because my partner told me. Similarly I knew my bad breath has now gone due to my partner checking my breath.


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