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BLIS Probiotics work with artist Ruby Jones to Increase The Good

At BLIS Probiotics, we have been working hard to define what we stand for. We know that we make amazing probiotic products, and that many of you have experienced the positive impacts of BLIS K12 and/or BLIS M18 with your own health and wellbeing.

Today, we are really excited to share our new brand film Increase the Good.

Our story is about acts of good having the power to overcome the bad. This is at the core of what drove Professor John Tagg all those years ago, and what he dedicated his career to doing  looking for the "good bugs" (bacteria) that can save the day by fighting off “bad bugs”.

Amazingly enough, not only did he do this once, but three times. First with BLIS K12, then BLIS M18, and most recently, BLIS Q24. A veritable army of good bugs to serve a variety of health needs.

For this campaign, we chose to work with an artist who also believes in putting good into the world. Ruby Jones is an incredible New Zealand artist, and someone BLIS have many things in common with.

We hope that you enjoy learning a little bit more about her in this behind-the-scenes film, where she explains her process and motivations of working with BLIS. 

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