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Oral probiotics

BLIS 101 – what are oral probiotics?

Here at BLIS we’ve decided to get back to basics, think of this blog post like a BLIS 101 class focusing on our core and pioneering products - oral...
Oral Probiotics for throat health

The mouth: The gateway to health with probiotics

New probiotic makers say unique product aims to support oral & gut health. Each of us carries something like 38 trillion little passengers in a...
How Probiotics help with Immunity?

How do Probiotics help with Immunity?

Everyone is talking about immunity right now, but do we really understand what it is?  The immune system protects the body against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies.
What is a Microbiome?

What’s a Microbiome?

Lately, it seems like every supermarket and chemist shelf is brimming with products geared towards good bacteria; kombucha, probiotics, prebiotics,...
Blis Probiotics - Can I influence my baby’s microbiome?

Colonised for Life

Colonised for Life? Can I influence my baby’s microbiome? There is a great deal of research being undertaken to understand how and when the microbiome of new-born babies is developed.