Oral Probiotics and its Contribution to Oral Health

Read this interesting view on oral probiotics and its contribution to oral health from dental hygienist, Susan Clark RDH.

Oral probiotics are designed to boost the level of your oral health naturally and effectively, working to build a strong and healthy foundation for your mouth, gums, and teeth. They are designed to repopulate the mouth with good microorganisms. Oral probiotics:

  • Reduce inflammation by recolonising healthy bacteria;
  • Reduces bad breath causing bacteria colonies found on the tongue and throat;
  • Boosts immune system;
  • Reminerialises teeth;
  • Helps restore the natural pH balance in the mouth and saliva.

S. salivarius is primarily found in the mouth, competing with these bad bacteria and is thought to have a positive impact on microbial balance as well.

Researchers have discovered that probiotics create a film in the mouth that acts as a protective sheath for oral tissues and prevent diseases connected with gums and teeth. The space used by bad bacteria is occupied by probiotics, which thus restricts the multiplication of these bacteria. Consequently, the bad bacteria are replaced by good bacteria, which prevent contributions to oral health problems.

Read the full article at Probiotics aid oral health: When the goal is to reduce antibiotics (Susan Clark, RDH at DenistryIQ.com, January 2017).