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Oral Probiotics: The First Line of Defense Against Pathogens

Oral Probiotics: The First Line of Defense Against Pathogens

Dr David Williams discusses the benefits of oral probiotics such as Blis K12™ and good bacteria to support general wellness and act as the first line of defence in the nose, mouth, and throat.

More than 600 species of bacteria have been identified within the oral cavity. Most of those species probably play a less important role in our health. Researchers, however, have found that higher numbers of the more prominent beneficial species directly correlate to oral health. Dr John Tagg is the primary researcher in this field and has learned that the body’s oral immune response can be supported through the use of oral probiotic lozenges, particularly those which contain the species Streptococcus salivarius.

Professor Tagg has helped develop a commercial throat lozenge, BLIS K12™ Throat Guard. This product, sold in New Zealand, incorporates primarily the K12 strain of S. salivarius. Tests have shown that using this lozenge can help restore the natural bacterial flora of the mouth and throat. And these bacteria, in turn, support the balance of good bacteria.

Research has shown that the greater numbers of beneficial bacteria also simply take up the physical space that harmful pathogens need to colonise and use up their necessary food supply.

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