BLIS Rewards & Points

BLIS Points 

BLIS Points are a way for us to reward you for shopping with us.

You can earn points by placing an order or from different activities, as specified on the programme page and below.

In order to start earning points, you'll need to become a member of our BLIS Rewards, by signing up on the website. 

1. Click on the Rewards button on our website (available on desktop and mobile):

BLIS rewards 

2. Click "Join now" and enter your details.

3. You're all set and ready to earn points!

How can I earn BLIS Points?

  • Place an order and get 5 BLIS Points for every $1 spent
  • Follow us on Instagram and earn 50 BLIS Points
  • Like us on Facebook and earn 100 BLIS Points
  • Get 100 BLIS points by signing up to our Rewards

How can I use my points?

To redeem your accumulated BLIS points, simply click on the “Rewards” tab as before, and click on the “Redeem” tab to redeem your available vouchers. These become available when you reach the point thresholds.

Apply the voucher code during checkout to get your discount.

The vouchers that you can redeem with your BLIS points are:

  • Get $5 off your order / subscription when you have reached 500 BLIS Points
  • Get $10 off your order / subscription when you have reached 1000 BLIS Points