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Investor FAQs

What does “listed” mean?

Blis Technologies is listed on the New Zealand Stock exchange (NZX).  This means that the company has entered an agreement with the NZX for quotation of its securities and has agreed to abide by the NZX rules and regulations and be subject to its disciplinary procedures. Quotation on NZX provides a market for the purchase and sale of Blis shares with the traded price of Blis shares reflecting company specific information and general market conditions.

Under what ticker does Blis Technologies appear on the New Zealand Stock Exchange?


How can I buy or sell shares in Blis Technologies?

You will need to talk to a stockbroker to buy or sell shares in Blis Technologies. Check the links to New Zealand brokers on the New Zealand Stock Exchange site at

How often does Blis Technologies report its results and when will this occur?

Blis Technologies balance date is March 31. It will report six monthly, with an annual result expected to be announced in May of each year, and an interim result expected to be announced in November of each year.

Who is Blis Technologies’ share registrar and how do I contact them?

Blis Technologies’ share registrar is Link Market Services Limited. Their contact details can be found here.

Can I get the Annual Report and Interim Report sent to me?

You can read our annual reports and half year reports here.

If you would like a copy posted to you please email