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Meet our BLIS Bugs!

Probiotic Bugs - BLIS K12 and BLIS M18

BLIS K12™  and BLIS M18 are specific strains of bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius, which are found naturally in your mouth and throat. Our scientists discovered that while everyone has Streptococcus salivarius bacteria, only a very few have the specific beneficial BLIS K12 or BLIS M18 strains which are active against bad bacteria.

The discovery of BLIS K12  and BLIS M18 is credited to Professor John Tagg who dedicated his life’s work to research in microbiology. 

What do BLIS K12™ and BLIS M18do?

The good bacteria colonise in the oral cavity by attaching to cells in your mouth and crowding out pathogenic or ‘bad’ bacteria. This process is known as bacterial interference. Taking BLIS Probiotics will boost the levels of BLIS K12 or BLIS M18 in the oral cavity and they will actively fight against the bad bacteria, which can cause things like strep throat infections, bacterial tonsillitis, halitosis, gingivitis, and tooth decay.

How do BLIS K12 and BLIS M18 work?

Years of research went into finding a way to deliver good bugs to the mouth and throat in such a way that they could colonise effectively. Lozenges and powder are ideal as the BLIS bacteria can stay alive in that format for at least two years when stored correctly.  They do not have to be kept in the fridge as they are shelf-stable in their dry format.

The bacteria activate when in the mouth, where conditions are moist and warm.  The longer it is in the mouth, the better the colonisation will be, and the more the bad bacteria can be crowded out.  That’s why slowly sucking on a lozenge is recommended. However, for infants who are unable to suck a lozenge, the powder format of DailyDefence Junior means little ones can get the same benefits from BLIS K12 as everyone else.

They work in the same way but they are active against different bad bugs.  BLIS K12 works against the bacteria that may casue ENT issues while BLIS M18 works against bacteria that can cause issues with teeth and gums.

How do I get the most benefit from probiotics?

BLIS K12 and BLIS M18 help support the immune system as well as helping maintain a healthy mouth and throat which is linked to many health benefits.

BLIS K12™ is the key ingredient in DailyDefence, DailyDefence Junior, ThroatGuard PRO, HoneyBlis, TravelProtect and Freshbreath Kit. 

BLIS M18™ is the key ingredient in ToothGuard and ToothGuard Junior.

It’s important to take BLIS K12 or BLIS M18 regularly – one or two doses daily – because maintaining the healthy population of bacteria in your mouth and throat is more effective than trying to crowd out the bad bacteria that may take over at times of stress or illness.

Think of bad bacteria in the mouth as weeds in the garden. It’s easier to keep your garden in good shape by weeding regularly, than battling an overgrown garden on the odd occasion.