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Probiotics for Dental Health

Advanced oral probiotic defence for healthy teeth and gums + fresh breath

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Probiotics for ENT Health

Oral probiotic supplements to support ear, nose and throat health

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Probiotics for Immune Support

BLIS Probiotics support your natural immune defences with BLIS K12™

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The Healthy Guardians

The Healthy Guardians BLIS K12 and M18 Oral Probiotics NZ

Leading the way in oral probiotic supplements to support your immune system

Blis Probiotics have been the scientific leaders in oral probiotics since 2002 when ThroatGuard Pro with BLIS K12 was launched from their Dunedin base in New Zealand.

The probiotic bacteria strain BLIS K12 is an advanced oral probiotic supplement that supports ear, nose and throat health as well as the immune system.

Professor John Tagg first discovered the BLIS K12 probiotic supplement as a Professor at the Otago University while trying to find a better way to treat strep throat, something he suffered badly from as a child.

A secondary probiotic strain BLIS M18 was then discovered supporting dental health, with the good probiotic bacteria crowding out the bad bacteria in your mouth that cause plaque and gum disease.

Professor Tagg continues to lead our research department at the Blis Technologies Dunedin laboratory, where a wide range of probiotic supplements have been developed to help support your immune system and dental health.