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Oral probiotics

BLIS 101 – what are oral probiotics?

Here at BLIS we’ve decided to get back to basics, think of this blog post like a BLIS 101 class focusing on our core and pioneering products - oral...
How Probiotics help with Immunity?

How do Probiotics help with Immunity?

Everyone is talking about immunity right now, but do we really understand what it is?  The immune system protects the body against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies.
Talking immunity with Blis Probiotics and Southern Steel

Talking immunity with Southern Steel

Reinga Bloxham and Julie Curphey talk about how our amazing products help support our immunity. As we welcome Level 2 with excitement, keeping up our immunity is vital especially now that we're preparing for the winter cold and flu season.
Top Tips to boost immunity with The Highlanders & Blis Probiotics

Top Five tips to boost immunity from the Highlanders and Blis Probiotics during COVID-19 lockdown

We are in unprecedented times with the nationwide lockdown for COVID-19. Together we have been fighting coronavirus by maintaining our bubbles and ...
Support Immunity with Blis Probiotics

IMMUNITY SORTED DailyDefence with BLIS K12™ probiotics

Now is the time to get your immunity sorted! As the government announced we are going to be moving into level 3 next week with the potential to mo...
What is a Microbiome?

What’s a Microbiome?

Lately, it seems like every supermarket and chemist shelf is brimming with products geared towards good bacteria; kombucha, probiotics, prebiotics,...
Oral Probiotics: The First Line of Defense Against Pathogens

Oral Probiotics: The First Line of Defense Against Pathogens

Dr David Williams discusses the benefits of Blis K12™ and good bacteria to improve general wellness and act as the first line of defence in the nose, mouth, and throat.